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Festival Villa Solomei


Due to the protracted emergency situation we are experiencing, not only at a national level, and in any case do to the fact that it might take a long time for all of our lives to reach normality after this crisis, the Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation is forced to cancel the XXII Edition of the Villa Solomei Festival which should have been held on the 21st, 26th, 27th and 28th of June 2020. This condition we are facing is undoubtedly the worst that our beautiful Italy has had to deal with since the Second World War. In this context, and in the awareness that the present situation will continue for a few weeks, all the concerts scheduled for April and May in the Artistic Season of the Cucinelli Theater and in the program of the "Ad Mariae Laetitiam" organ project are canceled. The same applies to the conference scheduled for Saturday the 20th of June 2020 "An die Musik - Beethoven and Italy". It is a painful decision but dictated by civic sense and responsibility, primarily, to protect the most precious asset: health. We never thought of experiencing such a situation but we are sure that we will re-emerge stronger and more cohesive than before. The Foundation expresses its gratitude to all the public who has followed, supported and encouraged it through the years to improve the musical activities and proposals. Special thanks go to our collaborators and technicians for what they have put in place so far, in the hopes that all of this can be recovered as soon as the international situation has stabilized. Through its social channels, the Foundation and the Cucinelli Theater will keep the public updated on the evolution of the activities.

It really seems as if the muses have chosen Solomeo as their home, almost like a small second Periclean Athens.
The Theatre, Academy, and Amphitheatre, like the buildings standing on the Acropolis, are sacred places of the arts protected by the muses.
The Villa Solomei Festival is one of its most beautiful music events.
Today the Festival plays a major role in the popularization of classical music of the highest level.
The aim of the Villa Solomei Festival is totally consistent with Brunello Cucinelli's humanistic ideals. With its success increasing year by year, it clearly demonstrates the benefits of popularizing art forms capable of fostering sensitivity to beauty above and beyond the boundaries of strict tradition. One of its intents is to be able to bring back the musical milieu of the 19th century, when the most passionate opera fans were the common people; in fact it was they who, from their seats in the theatres' "peanut galleries", decided the success or failure of a production, probably with a greater sincerity than that of the critics and with an expertise no less refined. The "Villa Solomei Festival" is dedicated to the memory of Father Alberto Seri, the revered parish priest of Solomeo and founder of the "Coro Canticum Novum", who passed away on 24th August 1997.